1. Organization, objects, members

1.1 Sustainable Truck of the year (Sty) is a free and independent organization formed by professional journalists. They form a jury which elects the annual Sustainable Truck of the Year  Tractor; Sustainable Truck of the Year  Distribution; Sustainable Truck of the Year  Van.

1.2 The organization is ruled under the name Sustainable Truck of the year (Sty).

1.3 A jury member may engage one named colleague to help or support him/her in the jury work as a deputy, but only the formal jury member has the right to vote.

1.4 A deputy can represent the single jury member at single meetings, tests or other occasions.

1.5 The jury may appoint new members by voting. New candidates can be proposed by any juror.

1.6 New jury members are selected in countries not involved in the jury yet.

1.7 A jury member may be suspended for the following reasons: if he/she neglects his/her right to vote; if he/she whishes to be dismissed; if he/she breaks the rules, the guidelines or ethics of the Sty organization; if he/she spoils internal relevant news/information.

1.8 Sty organization shall be financially independent from any truck manufacturer, dealer or distributor.

2. Eligibility of awards recipients

2.1 Candidate vehicles must be available in the European market within the election year (i.e. Sty 2020: vehicles must be available for the customers within December 2020).

2.2 Candidate vehicles cannot be awarded in a previous edition.

2.3 Each brand can candidate only one vehicle per category.

2.4 Candidate vehicles must be introduced to the jury by full filling the Sty form

3. Award election procedure

3.1 The jury selects the shortlist for each category among the candidates.

3.2 The shortlists will include maximum 4 vehicles per category.

3.3 Shortlists are formally communicated within the end of July

3.4 The manufacturers of the shortlisted vehicles have the option to organize specific tests for the jury

3.5 Shortlisted vehicle are free to use the “Sty FINALIST” logo.

3.6 Voting must be done by filling the specific voting form based on the category voting parameters.

3.7 Within the end of August, the chairman collects the voting forms full filled by the jurors.

3.8 The award will be handed to the winning vehicles during the awarding ceremony date on a major exhibition.

3.9 Winners of the awards are free to use the Sty WINNER logo