Sustainable Truck of the year (Sty) is awarded by a free and independent jury formed by professional journalists. The mission is to enlarge the jury by involving jury members from all over Europe.

Sustainable Truck of the Year award, created by the specialized magazine Vado e Torno, targets the news coming from the truck world available on the European market. The awards (three categories: ‘Van’, ‘Distribution’ and ‘Tractor’) are assigned on the basis of a concept of sustainability and efficiency intended not only as a reduction of pollutant exhaust emissions, but also as an ability to lower the threshold of risk, to make driving more relaxing, to reduce the impact on the resident population and to exit from a production cycle that moves, from start to finish, from concepts of sustainability.

The publishing house has cooperated for years with the major associations in the sector and always had important relationships with universities, research centers and the leading experts in the sector.


Vado e Torno edizioni publishing house, has established the Tractor of the year, the biggest international award that every year crowns the best agricultural tractor. The jury of the award is made up of 25 journalists representing the main European agro-mechanical media that every year are called to choose upon the tractors considered the best based on performance, ergonomics, comfort and technological content.



The award is powered by DIESEL magazine, since 22 year the only European magazine dealing with all themes related to development, manufacturing and use of diesel engines in all industrial and automotive applications.The winner engine is entitled to use the logo DIESEL OF THE YEAR® and is the subject of a special feature in the magazine. Applications to the DIESEL OF THE YEAR award are free.



In 2017  Vadoetorno edizioni launched the Sustainable Bus Award, the first and only European award that acknowledges sustainability in the field of buses and coaches. It mustn’t be considered just an award to the ‘most green’ bus. Sustainable Bus Award was launched in 2016 and has been delivered during the Award Night of Busworld Europe in 2017 and during IAA Hannover Commercial Vehicles in 2018. The jury represents seven European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain.



In the last ten years, Vado e Torno edizioni emerged for the numerous initiatives aimed at promoting the concept of sustainability in the areas of freight transport, people transport and agricultural mechanization. The creation of the Mobility Revolution Truck, Mobility Revolution Bus and Mobility Revolution Tractor indices, created in collaboration with professor Giulio Ceppi, of Politecnico di Milano, and the Lifegate platform. The indices represent the method for measuring the environmental impact of all the vehicles examined. An analysis that provides a sustainable approach of the entire supply chain capable of analyzing not only the means of transport and its intrinsic characteristics, but also its role within a broader and more articulated concept of sustainability.


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